Trials at Sky

The brief

We needed to design a responsive website to replace the various programs and documents used by the Field Trials team at Sky. This would be used to record any faults on products when field agents are testing them.

My approach

  • I worked closely with Sky’s developers and core stakeholders to review the current process that the trial team and trial members went through. This led to understanding the key areas for growth, and I identified a variety of features that were missing that would greatly improve the process.
  • I examined at the gap in desirable versus realistic deliverables, utilising their technical and budget restraints to set expectations and understand the best possible solutions.
  • Using the available data, I broke down the information into a variety of categories based on what each user-type needed, and which device would be best suited for that solution.
  • I then designed the workflows and layouts for multiple devices and platforms, including tablets and mobile. I made sure to use my previous research and findings to guide all the decisions within the workflows.
  • I achieved all of this while ensuring the strict branding guidelines were adhered to. 

The results

Trial members:

  • Faults are now reported on customers’ mobile devices easily from home, meaning there is less disruption and complication with reporting.
  • Personal and product details are saved so these no longer need to be filled in each time.
  • Photos can be attached to each fault as they are being reported, creating more clarity for field engineers.

Trial team:

  • New trials are set up more quickly with a single online system.
  • Potential trial members are easier to find for each new trial with a new advanced search.
  • Reporting is quicker as all the information is kept in one central location.
Client: BKYB

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