The brief

The ask from the business was to create a responsive web app for Telefónica employees in the UK. This app was for recognising colleagues who exhibited business-specific behaviours and going above and beyond.

My approach

  • I began by researching best practices based on similar solutions across a variety of businesses.
  • During the project, I worked in an iterative, agile manner with the development team, client and user test group, to ensure the best results. 
  • I evaluated the feasibility of the proposed solution with developers, making sure to set expectations and to understand the requirements and technical capabilities Telefónica have. 
  • I created detailed prototypes to produce user interface specifications and to allow demonstration of the experience to stakeholders as required. 
  • I then created the visual design, with a strong consideration for user experience and standard design guidelines.

The results

  • We built an easy-to-use web app that was adopted quickly by the Telefónica employees to recognise and thank colleagues for their hard work.
  • Users can upload pictures and videos, comment, share and like the ‘thank yous’ their colleagues receive.
  • The site is accessible on desktop and mobile devices, to allow users to access it simply and smoothly from anywhere.
  • The web app works in their internal social network (Yammer), so we didn’t need new platforms or logins.
  • It also saved time and money in development because no new platform or logins had to be made.
  • The tool was extended in purpose to encourage nominations for the company’s annual awards.
  • Immediate high adoption with over 4,000 users in the UK alone and has been used year on year.
Client: Telefonica