Price Plans, Three

The brief

To highlight key improvements to the Store pages of, with specific focus on things we could implement quickly and with the biggest impact across Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go.

My approach

I conducted specific, moderated remote user testing to understand the existing journeys customers undertook. These contained set questions and tasks for users to complete, which helped me identify key aspects of the journeys which needed improvement. We then split the projects into quick wins and bigger changes.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) research findings:

  • The journey review made it clear that the PAYG journey was unnecessarily complicated.
  • We identified a requirement for customers to have access to a PAYG device entry point on the Three homepage, as there was no direct link from the homepage to the PAYG devices on offer.
  • PAYG SIM was hidden from view. Only 1/10 users knew that they could get a free SIM from Three.
  • The device listing page was heavily focused on the Pay Monthly devices, and PAYG pricing was unclear to customers.

What I did

I added two tiles on the homepage. These tiles directed to Pay Monthly phones and PAYG phones respectively. We also redesigned the other tiles to be more consistent with the tiles on the device listings page, and added the promotion feature we created.

Testing post-changes:

  • Navigation became clearer for users. Before the changes, only 4/10 people found the PAYG SIM page directly from the homepage. After the changes were made, all 10 people found the page directly using our new entry points.
  • Clarity and understanding was improved for customers. Users were able to state the difference more clearly between free SIMs and Add-ons with Three. Before the changes, only 3/10 customers on the PAYG SIM listing page could do this, but after the changes, 9/10 were able to.

The results:

This led to an increase in sales of PAYG SIMs due to clearer navigation. Customers also found it easier to take the correct journeys for SIM and device purchases, and due to this we saw an increase of 10 orders per day in the first 25 days.

Generally, the clarity and consistency of the page was also improved, bringing it more in-line with Three’s brand guidelines. 


After conducting initial user tests on the previous PAYG journey, I worked closely with our Product Owner and designer to work through appropriate solutions. These were then analysed by our developers and QA testers to assess their feasibility. The work was handled quickly and at a very high standard, showing our strength as a team.

“The work the team have put in on this project is clear to see. The improvements in the online journey will make a big difference in how we serve our customers and how they spend with us on the PAYG line of business. Thanks”

Chris Moseley, Head of Trading.

SIM Only (Pay Monthly) research findings:

The key problem with the SIM Only page of Three’s website was that the original filters were very rarely used. This resulted in customers having a harder time finding the right SIM for them. 

The results:

  • We saw increased user engagement when filters were open on the page. Within 3 months, usage rose from 6.5% to over 18%. Over 23% of people that visited the page and used the filters also went on to purchase a SIM.
  • We reduced the requirement for upcoming development work and saw an uplift in customer satisfaction, with analytics showing that they found it easier to locate the right products.
Client: Three