Kibble Quest, Hills Pet Nutrition

The brief

Hills Pet Nutrition came to me asking for an engagement activity such as a game or quiz on Facebook. This was to support the media launch campaign for SciencePlan.

My approach

  • I captured the specific requirements of the project by holding a detailed interview with the business stakeholders closest to the project.
  • As a group, we brainstormed ideas for user engagement on Facebook and researched ways to drive engagement up across the board.
  • Based on that research, I investigated some short games that encouraged users to want to ‘beat their score’. These games seemed to bring people back time after time, which was the level of engagement we were looking for.
  • Worked closely with the developers at Avvio, I learned and understood the technical constraints based on time and budget, meaning I could further discover new solutions that would meet the client’s requirements.
  • Having decided on creating a game, I wrote the story and premise behind the game, with a focus on making it as interesting as possible.I wrote the technical specification on the user flow to define how this game should work overall.
  • I then developed the working prototype in Axure, to help the developer and client fully understand the user journeys and to demonstrate the concept to them in an interactive way.
  • Finally, I collaborated with the illustrator to create the design style and bring the characters to life.

The results

  • Our created Facebook maze game allows users to select a pet and collect bowls of food without getting caught by the roaming vet.
  • Bite-sized product messages appear during the game, which are unintrusive and easily absorbed by the customer.
  • This campaign was the most successful campaign the client had ever run. 
Client: Kibble Quest

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