Orange Daily

The brief

Orange needed a new application designing to place on the Windows 7 phone platform. They reached out to get Orange Daily designed and implemented.

My approach

  • I began by researching the user experience of similar news applications and other Orange mobile apps. This allowed me to understand the relevant elements required for consistency and tone.
  • I worked in conjunction with a Senior User Experience Consultant at Avvio Reply Ltd to design the application.
  • I also organized several workshops to fully understand the requirements for the design. These were attended by brand and development teams at Orange who had worked on this application for other platforms. We were able to share information and collaborate to create a stronger user experience.
  • Lastly, I tested the proposed wireframes within the workshops at Orange.

The results

I delivered the prototype and visual designs for the Orange Daily mobile application on the Windows Phone 7 platform. The company were able to utilise these throughout implementation and share them with the relevant stakeholders to further understanding.

Client: Orange