F1 Fridays

The brief

To raise awareness and generate excitement for the F1 channel launch on Sky TV, Sky wanted a way to engage employees. It was decided that we should create an online game.

My approach

  • I worked closely with the development team to outline the technical possibilities of the quiz, basing our decisions on time and budget constraints designated by the business.
  • I created a specific and detailed user flow and prototype, from the registration page right through to the last screen of the game. These demonstrated the full customer journey throughout the game and allowed us to further map actions and designs.
  • Finally, I worked with a Senior Designer to define the visuals of the quiz, making sure user experience and engagement were front of mind.

The results

We created an online quiz game with questions that changed over four weeks. This encouraged users to return to the game and redo any questions they got wrong. The additional incentive to return was the possibility of winning an integrated competition, where players could win tickets to see a Formula 1 race in person.

Client: BSKYB